Home Audio

Play your favorite music in any room of your home.

AHT can create individual audio zones, ”Family Room”, “Rec Room”, “Master Bedroom”, or “Patio”. Wherever you enjoy music, and with a simple touch of a button, you will control and play music from different sources throughout your house, at any volume, at the very same time.

Play music from a computer, an external hard drive, your smartphone, your iTunes library, any iPod/mp3 player, satellite radio, and streaming music services. Now everyone can listen to what they want to hear in their own personal setting.

Wireless home audio components and systems eliminate the need for major renovations. Speakers and components are integrated seamlessly throughout the rooms of your home, even the patio, pool and garden. If not for the incredible sound, you wouldn’t even know the speakers were there.

AHT will revolutionize the way you access and listen to music forever.

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